Spain- This country knows how to ‘live’ life …

Itching to get out of the country this spring, after a particularly grueling couple weeks at work, a trip to Spain could not have been ‘planned’ at a more perfect time.

The first stop was Madrid (flew into the city after a couple days in London with my sister) British Airways have multiple flights a day from Heathrow and Gatwick and if you have BA/One World miles, there is no better deal AFAIK (~4K miles + taxes is all you pay, even for last minute bookings- perfect for non-planners like us!)

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The Dominican Republic- The old of the new world

Vinay has always wanted to travel to the Caribbean. In fact it’s probably at the top of his travel-list and since we didn’t make it to any of the countries at the top of our lists during our year long sabbatical, we decided it was time to peek at our lists again ! (So I guess our next long vacation is going to be one of my picks, Southern Italy. But that’s another trip and another post)

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Tofino, A town by the bay- temperate yet tumultuous

This post does not fit in the chronological order of our travels in 2013. I had to skip quite a bit ahead as the photos from the latter half of our trip are stuck in our hard drive and refuse to budge. Let’s chart it down to technical difficulties that I’m yet to figure out. I hope to  get to our pictures from India, Europe and the UK sometime this year ….

We usually stick to exploring the coast around Washington or Oregon state but this spring we headed north into the province of British Columbia in Canada. I had heard about the remoteness and beauty of Tofino and we decided that an 6 hour drive was not too much, especially on a warm spring day.

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Koh Rong Saloem a.k.a the island that was …

Almost our home! Well atleast for a couple months. During our 10 days here, we had offers to work on the island and were seriously considering it. (Had it not been for our best-friends’-Wedding that we really wanted to go to in India, we’d have taken up the offer FOR SURE!) Oh well, another day, another dream … Continue reading

Saigon- The city and around

Saigon- a city still recovering from its past while moving into the future. Also known as HCMC or Hoh Chih Minh City, it was the capital of the French Colonists and later of South Vietnam. South Vietnam fought against the communist North Vietnam with aid from other countries (USA, Australia, NZ etc) during the Vietnam war which ended in 1975.

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